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Elysium Tattoo is proud to have Painless Numbing Cream available in studio!

For those of us who need a little extra help through the process...

I'm so excited to provide Painless Numbing Cream in studio now! I myself have found over the years my pain tolerance has dwindled DRASTICALLY and there's still more work I want done! I also know I'm not the only one. I've personally tested this product out on myself and my peers to ensure its a good solid product and I absolutely love it. So you can rest assured it is artist approved!


Directions for use

Because this product needs time to work before hand, you will need to purchase in studio on a date in advance to your appointment. I also recommend trying a spot of the product on your skin at least a week prior to your appointment so if there is any form of allergic reaction you know well enough in advance and wont risk having to reschedule your appointment the day of (risking losing your spot and deposit as well)

-Wash and exfoliate the area to be tattooed with soap, water, and an exfoliator to remove dirty and dead skin. This will help the cream penetrate. Dry area completely. 

-Apply a thick amount of numbing cream to the area. Do not rub in like lotion. Apply like a thick icing coat on a cake. 

-Cover with cling film. The heat under the plastic wrap helps to activate the cream and keeps it from drying out. 

-Leave the cream and wrap in place for one hour before procedure. 

-Leave cream and wrap in place for your artist to remove at your appointment time. Then we will remove wrap, cream, and clean and prep the surface area for your tattoo. 

-if you try and love it, tell your friends! you're not required to be getting work done here at Elysium Tattoo to purchase the Painless Numbing Cream here. If it's in stock, get your supply here!

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